Wednesday, May 16, 2018

2018 FCHS Posting (Year end)

These steps MUST be done in this order. Please complete these steps for ALL sections. 

1. From your grade book, choose C1 as the Task
2. If all grades are entered, click red Post. Choose C1 as grading task in the popup box. 
    You will be prompted to click OK twice
3. Click Save


1. From your grade book, choose EOC as the Task
2. YOU MUST ENTER THE PERCENT AND THE GRADE for the EOC (it will be the same number). The EOC will not calculate into the yearly average if both fields are not entered. 
3. Click Save


1. From your grade book, choose Yearly Average as the Task
2. Check to make sure you see the C1 and EOC grades in the columns. Click red Post. Choose Yearly Average as grading task in the popup box. You will be prompted to click OK twice
3. Click Save (Please spot check the 80/20 composite grading on a few kids for accuracy)

*Once grades are posted, you may not change or re-enter grades without having to complete these steps again.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Adding a User to Transfinder

Log in with credentials

Close initial window

Log in again


Add name and email on first tab

Roles>> for general staff make them a Requstor (move roll over) and move over the school and Current Data Source and Department Field Trip (if coach also add school name and athletics)


user (same as email username)
initials12345 (af12345)

No Save

*instead of deleting admins or teachers, you can just edit old users who have left

For elementary, only add department heads, counselor, and CAMP teachers.

For middle and high school, add all

Friday, April 27, 2018

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Messages/iChat Not working after upgrading to High Sierra (Jabber)

Messages/Google Chat Not working:

If you want to continue to use Google Talk via Messages, you'll need to re-enable the "less secure" authentication mechanism in your Google account.

Go to system settings and go to Internet Accounts and delete your google account.

Open Terminal

find ~/Library/Preferences -name "*iChat*" -delete


rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/


rm -rf ~/Library/Messages

and reboot

Now open Messages and add your google account via Jabber. Then go to preferences in Messages and go to Accounts and go to server settings and make sure settings are as follows:


Port: 5223

Check Use SSL

Then go to Account Information and Enable this account

I rebooted again and then opened Messages and made sure my buddy list was there.

Then I went to System Preferences and go to Internet Accounts and add your google account.

Upon doing this a message popped up for me asking to Add Google Talk to Messages and WHOA it is working.

I can now send and receive messages, have my calendar and everything as before.

Before this I could receive messages and see buddies but couldn't communicate with them.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Locked Office/IP Phone

If a locked icon is showing on an office phone or IP phone...

  1.  hold down the star button (*) for 5 seconds until the screen changes. 
  2. When prompted for a passcode, do not put anything in.
  3.  Just hit the ok button (menu button). 
  4. The phone should unlock. 
  • If it does not unlock, when it asks for a password, enter: 123 then hit ok.

***one of these instructions locks the phone and the other unlocks the phone.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

DRC App Deployment

Before deploying DRC configurations to Org Units ensure that the DRC app has been pushed out to all Chromebooks.

Device Management > Chrome Management > Device Settings > Kiosk Settings

** If the app is removed and needs to be added again, the ID and URL can be found in Downloads on the DRC Portal. App is added through Custom Apps.


DRC Portal > Select TSM > Deployment > Deployment Configuration Files > Create Deployment Configuration > Save


Device Management > App Management > DRC App Settings > Select Org Unit > Configure (override) > Upload Chromeos.json

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Settings in Campus Instruction

changing settings in Campus Instruction.

Hide dropped students
show picture
open with CI