Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Adding Office 2019 to PCs

Get the Office Deployment Tool from Andrew or download it

You will also need a file that Andrew has called the Office2019_File.xml

Run the ODT
Accept the License Agreement
Extract it to a Folder you name ODT in the C:Drive
Add the Office2019_File.xml to this new ODT folder

Search for Command Prompt
Right click and Run as Administrator

For the first prompt, type
Hit Enter

Then type
cd odt
Hit Enter

Then type
setup download Office2019_File.xml
Hit Enter

Then type
setup /configure Office2019_File.xml
Hit Enter

Office should begin to install now.

You will need to enter the code

VWNKD-C7YXY-D2VJD-H4HGR-Q9P7B (this is for the 13 licenses Andrew bought)

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

To Lock/Unlock IEPs for FTE

Uncheck all under Special Education for Special Ed group. When adding access back, check what is in the picture and add Locked.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Exporting SRI/SMI and Importing into IC

Log in to SMI and choose My District
Export (lower right)
Choose Export csv roster data
Choose the school(s), teachers, classes, students (twice), dates
Uncheck ALL
Check Sam Server and choose the SIS ID (and names if desired but not needed for import)
Check Reading Inventory and then last Lexile and last Lexile Date

You will have to return to the SAM>>My District page to View Output Files


Log in to IC
Choose Score Import Wizard
Choose SRI_FCHS_Tonya
Browse for the file you downloaded
Upload and Continue
Run Test to check for errors
Choose Import (radio button)

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

District Website Hits

The Google Analytics page is in Andrew's personal Gmail account (just google Google Analytics).

Take the pageviews and divide by half and then by 10%. That is supposed to give you a more accurate number of hits.

Friday, September 14, 2018

No Show Info (Summer Withdrawals)

In May, send instructions about summer withdrawals. 

Please hold all withdrawals received after the last day of school until after July1st. After that date, the student can be marked as a No Show (in the 19-20 line of enrollment).

There are three things that need to be marked for No Shows in the 19-20 enrollment:

1. Check the No Show box
2. Enter the first day of school as the end date
3. Enter an end status 

*If the student is withdrawing to attend another school THIS school year, let me or Tonya know. 

Please let me or Tonya know if you have any questions. 

Send No show information again in August. 

Marking No Show Students

1.  Go to Enrollment tab > select the current year’s line of enrollment

     2. Check the NO SHOW box

     3. Enter an End Status of T: Transfer (or other appropriate code)

     4. Enter an End Date to be same as start of school date (this ends the schedule) if 
        received/notified after school begins. If notified before, use July 4th as the date.